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Näin kesän kunniaksi ajattelin jakaa jotain hiukan kevyempää videon muodossa. Otin kameran mukaan ja läksin lenkille. My morning run -videosta voit oppia uusia asioita liikkumisesta ja hyvinvoinnista. Englanninkielisen videon kesto on alle 4 minuuttia. Videon tekstit löydät myös alta. Hyvää kesää kaikille!

This video is in English.


  • Are you born to move? 
  • You bet you are!
  • Your metabolism needs daily activity to function well.
  • So does your nervous system.
  • Many of us are sedentary nine hours a day
  • If you sit for more than 30 minutes, your metabolism changes.
  • If you sit for more than two hours straight every day, your risk for heart disease and certain cancers rises.
  • How many hours do you sit?
  • I love trail running
  • What about you?
  • Whatever it is!
  • Get out there and get inspired!
  • Do whatever makes you happy, whatever makes your go wild and what ever makes you feel alive!
  • Movement has a positive effect on your emotions, memory, learning, blood sugar balance, joints, decision making, sleep, stress levels, immune system, bones and even your social behavior.
  • We simply need movement to be healthy and happy!
  • When running, run on uneven ground. 
  • It helps you to attain better balance and coordination - and of course movement positively stimulates your brain!
  • Your spine likes movement too!
  • Daily movement reduces pain, lifts your spirits and improves your muscle, hormone and gut function.
  • You should really ask from yourself, "Am I lucky or what?".
  • Why?
  • Because with your own actions you can choose to be healthier.
  • It really is up to you!
  • So, get your butt off couch and go for a energizing and healing morning run or walk!
  • People have different things in life that put a smile on their face. I hope moving
    and being in nature gets you smiling.
  • Don't just do aerobic or strength training. Without variable and fun exercise you don't meet the requirements for normal gene expression, health and positive feelings. Remember, it's always easier to stay healthy and aim for wellness than to try and fight a disease.
  • Be the Superhero of variable exercise! 
  • Enjoy your Superhero day!
  • Smile!

Eat, Move, Socialize, Smile, Rest - Repeat!


Mikäli pidit videosta, olisi minulle tärkeää, jos voisit tykätä kirjoituksesta. Kiitos!       © Kristian Ekström.